Here we go! Welcome to the POWER Personal Training blog. Through this blog not only am I going to
keep everyone updated on all of the clients’ success training at POWER but try and give every reader
a chance to see what training at POWER is really like. Just a little background on POWER: We pride
ourselves on being one of the only facilities whose trainers are both degreed and certified. Each of
our personal trainers carries a four year degree and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
(CSCS). We combine our scientific background with years of practical knowledge to develop and deliver
the best programming to fit each of our clients’ specific needs. We can help anyone achieve their fitness
goals, our clients range from UFC fighters to high school athletes to stay at home moms. Anyone can
come in for a FREE 30 minute assessment and discuss our options for training to get you to your goal.
After the assessment alone you will see why our gym and trainers are the best. We will make this the
last place you ever need come for training.

I will be constantly updating you with client success stories, exercise facts and fallacies, nutritional
advice as well as a weekly recipe. I hope we can reach more of you out there and show you the best
way to train, eat, and live.

Jason Kamens CSCS