We are back ladies and gentlemen!!!

Our trip to Russia was filled with high and lows! A broken nose and a doctor stoppage weren’t the outcome we were hoping to travel across the world for but that’s the fight game for ya! Team USA did well overall however! We went with 9 fighters and came back with 4 medals, not too shabby I must say. The IFMA World Muay Thai Championships pits the best of the best from 100+ countries around the world against each other and the competition was fierce! Thank you to everybody that helped keep the classes moving while we were away. I know there were various instructors picking up the slack and we are grateful for all of you! That being said we are glad to back and we have hit the ground running! Classes this week and for the next few weeks will be intense! We made a pit stop in Amsterdam on the way home to do some training at some of the most historic gyms for Dutch Kickboxing. We came back with a few new things and we are eager to pass the stuff we learned onto you guys! In order to do that we need you to get back in class! We know classes have been slim in our absence so get your butts back and let’s put some work in! Lots of new faces too….please introduce yourself to Coach Danny and myself if you haven’t already! We love that the Power family continues to grow!

Also, Our Muay Thai team always has something in the works. 11 year old, Antonio Martinez will be fighting for another title Oct 13th at Celebrity Theatre! He will be fighting a Champion out of northern California which means this fight will have the whole place up on their feet! We have $30 tickets for sale in our office. Don’t miss it all ages welcome!!!


– Coach Des