It’s inevitable that most if not all of my clients have a goal to change their body weight.  Typically, it’s a goal to lose weight.  The problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that the number on a scale is the end-all, be-all goal.  If we once weighed 135 pounds, we must make it a goal to get back to that weight, and that by any means necessary is how we should achieve it.  Take for example your Body Mass Index (BMI).  Medical professionals state your BMI should be a certain number to be “normal”.  However, all the number indicates is a ratio between height and weight.  There are no allowances for higher levels of muscle mass, nor does it take into consideration that 10 people who are the same height may all have different body types or body frames.

While weight loss may be an appropriate goal, it’s important to be realistic with the weight loss and to understand your body composition.  Typically, a person should only lose about 1-2 pounds per week.  Additionally, we want to make sure that the weight loss is not your muscle tissue, as that muscle tissue supports not only your strength but also your metabolism.   A body composition test conducted by one of our qualified personal trainers will help you discover what your body weight is comprised of and what would be a realistic body weight goal.

Lastly, I want you to consider OTHER issues a person encounters everyday:  You have trouble sleeping; you feel sluggish throughout your day; you have trouble with the energy to complete your day; you have consistent aches and pains in your muscles and joints.  All of these issues could be alleviated through proper exercise and nutrition consultation.  Not only will you FEEL better, you will lose any “excess” body fat/weight in the process.  Refocusing your efforts towards THOSE goals will take away the stress of asking “how much do I weigh today?”  and allow your body to modify itself in appropriate manner.

For more info on how to achieve these goals, make an appointment with one of our Power trainers to conduct an assessment!!

Josh Wludyga MS, CSCS