UFC fighter and Power MMA co-owner, CB Dollaway, and Dan “The Beast” Severn will be hosting a casting call for fighters in Arizona and the surrounding areas on Tuesday, December 18.  The casting call will take place at  Power MMA & Fitness in Gilbert, AZ. Tryout videos will be filmed from 10am-1pm and from 3pm-8pm.

All competitors that plan to attend open castings for Warrior Island are encouraged to RSVP in advance.  Every competitor that registers in advance will receive an email confirmation along with a questionnaire that will help them prepare for the casting call. Fighters attending in Arizona can pre-register by emailing Dan Severn at dan@dansevern.com. 

During each open casting call, reality show hopefuls will be required to demonstrate their fighting skills and tell the world why fight fans should vote them onto the show in an intense 1-2 minute video. ALL experienced fighters with a combat sports background are encouraged to try out. Training gear will be available for fighter use during filming. Coaches are welcome to attend.

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Fighters that can’t make it out to one of the open casting calls can personally submit a try-out video through the GPG YouTube page

Please visit www.GlobalProvingGround.com for video guidelines and additional details.

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