As much as we talk about the game of basketball in our gym, we spend just as much time talking about the game of life and how to prepare for it. One of the first things that we touch on in our gym is Attitude and Effort! In the game of life there are two things that you can control: Attitude and Effort. Every day you have the opportunity to bring the right attitude to work and put forth the right effort that is required to be successful. Conversely, you can also choose not to bring the right attitude and effort. IT’S YOUR CHOICE! You are ultimately responsible for you own happiness and you can choose to never let another person steal your joy in life. In the POWER Basketball academy you will often hear us say the phrase “Bring It!” The phrase “Bring It” means to bring the right attitude and effort every day and be consistent in that aspect of your life. If you bring a positive, upbeat attitude and an all-out effort you will create positive results in your life. Remember, more often then not, positive actions create positive reactions!