For my next series of blogs I am going to write about my “Keys to Nutritional Success.”  I believe that nutrition is the biggest key to looking, feeling, and performing the way you want.  I tell my clients that their eating habits are at least twice as important as the workouts in the gym.  I am constantly reading about nutrition and it is always a topic of conversation in my clients’ sessions, from stay at home moms all the way to Professional UFC fighters.

My 1st key to nutritional success is: BE PREPARED! I touched on this in an email blast not too long ago, but I would like to elaborate on it a little.  This is always the first point I hit on when I talk to anyone about nutrition.  I actually just did a nutrition consultation this morning that was quite eye opening for a new client of mine.  He definitely wasn’t following the “be prepared” rule.  He would be going too long without getting anything into his body, then just grab whatever he could (usually a piece of pizza or a candy bar) when he was finally able to eat something; this was making him tired and affecting his production in his workouts.   We came up with some easy healthy snacks he can take with him to work and get the nutrition his body needs.  It may seem very simple but it is something I see too many people not doing!!

I’m big on making our own food, if you didn’t prepare it, you don’t really know what’s in it. There are too many easy-way-outs in our society now like all of our convenience and fast foods, our health as a nation is deteriorating as we consume more and more of these.  It all starts on the weekend.  Plan out your meals and snacks for the upcoming week.  After that head to the grocery store and get what you need to fill up your menu for the week.  Already ahead of the game, you have all of your food for the week.  This will cut out any fast food or eating out, which in turn will not only make you healthier, but will help save some money too!  Make sure when Monday morning comes there is no guess work for your meals and snacks.  When we are not prepared is when I see most people fail on their nutrition and make a bad choice.  Make sure when you are leaving for work in the morning you eat your breakfast at home or on the way to work.  If you are not home until dinner time, you know you will need a morning snack, a lunch, and an afternoon snack with you when you leave the house.  This planning will keep you from making a bad decision, like, “oh I don’t have a lunch, I’m just going to get a burger.”  I have seen many clients lose weight and feel better just by making this small change.

Being prepared for your day nutritionally is something simple we all can do to have much better success on our goals in and out of the gym.  So start today, it may seem tedious and difficult at first, but it only takes 2 weeks to make a habit.  It will be smooth sailing from there!

— Jason Kamens CSCS